The Twizzleman Project

The Twizzleman Project
The Twizzleman Project by Rob Appell
Take a wild ride along the mad scientist approach to mixing colors and shapes to create ingenious new quilting compounds.
This class offers a free style approach to quilt making that will focus on color, perspective and movement within the fabric choices.
Students will work on a medium sized (around 45” x 36”) wall hanging of their own unique design following Rob’s three step process for layout.
The entire first day will be dedicated to creating our frames and backgrounds as well as cutting all of the fusible circles to appliqué. The second day will be filled with tips and techniques on free motions machine quilting while the students finish up creating quilts that are "out of this world"
There is no wrong way to approach this great project, but there are a few recommendations in fabric choices. Do not worry, there will be plenty of time for alternate fabric choices but please come to class with…
  • Two different fabrics for background choices, each should be at least a yard and a half.
One Dark Fabric and One Medium Fabric
  • If using a fabric to create a twisted frame you will need at least a yard of the frame fabric,
usually a Bright, complementary to the background fabric.
  • The Circles are created from several different (six or more)
Fabrics that are bright and can read as solids.
  • 6 Yards of Heat and Bond Light
Sewing Supplies to Bring
Circular Rotary Cutter Compass
Cutting Mat
Large Rotary cutting ruler
Chalk Pencil for marking
Small appliqué Scissors
18 mm rotary cutter
Small portable iron and pad for appliqués
PLEASE NOTE… Every quilt is very unique!