Rob Appell Quilting Retreats

This is a world class quilting retreat in a super casual format. Sit overlooking the Pacific Ocean with the Pine trees of Cambria at your back. This event sells out fast so sign up today!

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$479 covers your meals, lodging and edutainment in Rob's wild quilting way.

November 15-18, 2018

Space is limited so Sign Up Now

if, the links above do not work for you, please register online at  Proceed to the “Adult Workshops” page and click on the “SIGN UP TODAY!” button on the right.  Follow the directions to open an account and sign up for the desired quilting workshop.

The Details:

Rob Appell has been hosting quilting retreats at Camp Ocean Pines for over Ten years now. The event has continued to grow and evolve and we are so excited that you may join us. Here are a few answers to the questions everyone asks

1. Do I have to work on one of Rob's projects?  NO, but Rob has tons of supplies for his quilts on site if you change your mind. It is a good idea to have a few projects going, and you may choose to work on what ever you like.

2. Are there scheduled classes or workshops? NO, but Rob offers optional demos after each meal and tons of personal instruction.

3. How is the lodging? Cozy and group style. The cabins hold 5 quilters each and you get to pick and choose who you want to bunk with.

4. How is the food? Great, but buffet style, so if you have diet needs or special foods you choose to eat, please feel free to bring your own supplements to meals, we have cold storage available.

5. Will I feel crowded? We hope not! Quilters will spread out, but each person should have their own 6 foot table as well as cutting stations, design walls, and other group sitting areas for hand work and visiting.

6. What if I really need a lot of Rob's help? We are glad you are coming, but be aware, there may be 45 quilters sharing 3 buildings. Rob will have extra staff and be spending time with each quilter, but there may be times you have to wait for personal attention. If you are working on his quit projects or a first time camper, we recommend requesting the Main Lodge for your sewing space. The focus in this building will be primarily on Rob's work.


Cancellation Policies
All adult workshop cancellations are subject to a $100 charge per session per adult. Any cancellations within 30 days prior to the session results in a forfeiture of all submitted funds. We do not provide refunds or rebates for attendees who do not show up or leave camp early for any reason.